Deep Fat

April 26, 2008

I bought an electric deep fryer tonight for 24.99 from the Wal-Mart in Panorama City. I’ve been meaning to get one for so long. I’m glad I’m doing things instead of just talking about them. I christened it with a batch of fries from a single large russet potato I had lying around.  They turned out pretty good. Sometimes I feel like a vegetarian junk food scientist trying to make the best pizza, fries, and chicken fried seitan. Do to my close proximity to Vallarta supermarket (the Mexican store) I’m planning on picking up some  masa harina, balling it up with some water and salt and frying some homestyle corn chips. I don’t know to much about growing tomatoes but if I can figure out how to grow some on the patio I’m going to made a buttload of salsa. Some concepts I am really digging right now are population density which makes public transportation more efficient and makes walking and cycling a more feasible option. I used to like big houses when I was a kid but now I’m for smaller home sizes and I think high rises are a better idea than suburban spawl. I am for community gardens and against big useless lawns and riding mowers unless the lawns can pretty much grow on their own without wasting to much water. I’d rather see low water yards maybe with rockscapes and neighborhood playfields



April 24, 2008

Just wanted to beat the rush once Blumpkin mania hits after Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo opens. I don’t think the idea of a Blumpkin is that appetizing (although I can’t knock it til i tried it) but I think just the sheer outrageousness of it and the pleasing sound of the word itself is what puts a smile to my face. I can only wish that someday I too can add to the list of great neologisms.

The best way to christen a blog is to pose a question for people to answer. I will provide guidance. I love film subgenres. I was trying to think about how many movies have a scene or scenes where there is a girl trapped by some pyscho whether it be in a cage, in a pit, in a box or a booby trapped room. Probably the most obvious is Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Another is Kiss the Girls with Cary “Wesley” Elwes as the crazy.  

I would say some ground rules are it can’t be a kidnapping in nice digs. A girl trapped in a palace doesn’t count. A girl held hostage in a car doesn’t count. Princess Leia was basically held hostage in a hotel room on the Death Star so that doesn’t count. The more dirt on her face the better. The grimier the surroundings the better.  Being sprayed with a hose is also good. Usually the motivations are a combination of sex, power, and money.


Who’s Harry Crumb? – The Prettier Older Sister  


Black Snake Moan – Slutty White Girl


Kill Bill – ex girlfriend in a coffin. Technically its not kidnapping since they thought she was dead but she was still trapped and its too cool of a scene to leave out.


Turistas – hot granola chicks


Wrong Turn


Fargo cabin in the woods






Variations on a Theme


Joe Dirt – Silence parody




Saw II – Kid in the safe


Goonies – Sloth


Pulp Fiction – The Gimp


Reservoir Dogs  The Warehouse


Swimming With Sharks – The Boss , Scott Rudin


Blue Velvet



Basic torture scenes don’t make the cut which precludes Lethal Weapon, Casino Royale and the Long Kiss Goodnight since they are not really being held hostage but rather being tortured for their own sake.


I’ll be sure to append this list as movies pop into my head. Feel free to send me any that you think of.

Snack of the Day

April 14, 2008

Here’s my snack of the day:

Steam about 8 oz of Edamame for 8 minutes.

While your steaming mix 2 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar (i use red wine or balsamic) in a soup bowl

mix in a tablespoon of curry powder and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

Once the edamame is done steaming drain it and then pour it into the bowl.

Toss the edamame and then give a fairly heavy sprinkle of sea salt.

If you’ve never eaten Edamame don’t eat the pods just scrape them with your teeth to pop the beans in your mouth and get some of the curry flavor.