Baby drinks his milk

May 30, 2008

So I was trying to see if I could put a video I made on this blog. This is my baby nephew. I was just practic’n mah aftereffects.


The Burning

May 14, 2008

Sometimes movies and TV shows can come and go very much unnoticed with their significance to emerge years later.  A show like Freaks and Geeks is mostly noticeable for the incredible success of the talent network of actors writers directors and producers centered around Judd Apatow that it spawned. Although I remember identifying with Freaks and Geeks and was sad to find out it got canceled I didn’t watch it thinking everyone was going on to bigger and better things. An older movie decidedly less memorable in its own right but perhaps even greater in the significance of the careers it launched was The Burning a 1981 slasher film starring Brian“Mark Ratner” Backer. To me Brian had one of the best parts in Fast Times at Ridgemont High although his career never really took off. Jason Alexander got his start on the Burning and if not for that start who knows if the multi-billion dollar Seinfeld syndication machine would have ever existed.  Empire #2 got its start in the form of Brad Grey. Before being known as part of the Anthony Pellicano trial Brad Grey was primarly known as part of Brillstein Grey and was one of the most successful producers in Hollywood.  From the hip Mr Show to the iconic Sopranos Grey has had a hand in an incredible range of projects. Some other highlights include Just Shoot Me, Happy Gilmour and The Departed. On The Burning he served as writer and producer. The third empire emerging from this humble project was Miramax which was founded by one of the other producers Harvey Weinstein. Since The Burning came out in 81 this was a few years before David The Gnome, another early Miramax production. The Burning was also the first movie for Holly Hunter and Fisher Stevens. Holly Hunters success speaks for itself with the Oscar win and and overall career ranging from Broadcast News to Thirteen. Fisher Stevens has had a solid journeyman career with memorable roles in Short Circuit and The Flamingo Kid but to me he’ll always be a legend for dating one of the all time hottest women Michelle Pfeiffer.