Turn Offs



  1. Girls who don’t feel compelled to ever compliment me
  2. Girls who are Republican.
  3. Girls who are sexually vanilla
  4. Girls who don’t read or mainly read material aimed at the lowest common denominator.
  5. Girls who don’t know things. It is frustrating if I’m talking to a girl and most of the books, movies, bands, political figures, celebrities, historical events, or current events seem unfamiliar to her. Also, if she is lacking many things that fall under the category of general knowledge such as basic science, the basic structure of the US Government and our election process (if she is American)
  6. Girls who hate men more than they hate women ( I can kind of dig a girl who hates both)
  7. Girls who are really hairy.
  8. Girls who don’t want a career.
  9. Girls who are lousy spellers and grammarians. I’m nowhere near any of the kids who appear in the Scripts Howard National Spelling Bee but still, your spelling and grammar should resemble that of an educated adult.
  10. Girls who wont reciprocate (oral sex, backrubs, ect)
  11. Girls who eat meat. I just don’t want the isolation of living life alone in my beliefs.
  12. Girls who don’t have interests or their interests are boring to me.
  13. Girls who dismiss opinions without a reasonable, rational discussion
  14. Girls without well thought out opinions. We don’t always have to agree but I’d like to think you put some thought into you’re opinions.
  15. Girls who constantly lie without a conscience.