The Dead List

July 4, 2009

Now that Michael Jackson died, I wondered who else people would make a big stink about if they died. These are some of the names I came up with. Please feel free to let me know all the people I forgot

Barack Obama
Osama Bin Laden
Queen Elizabeth II
The Dalai Lama
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Fidel Castro
Oprah Winfrey
George W Bush
Michael Jordan
Jimmy Carter
Kobe Bryant
Shaquille O’Neal
Billy Graham
Tom Brady
Tiger Woods
Roger Federer
Cristiano Ronaldo
Julia Roberts
Meg Ryan
Reece Witherspoon
Nelson Mandela
Jackie Chan
Margaret Thatcher
Steven Spielberg
Pope Benedict
John Wooden
Kate Moss
Gisele Bunchen
Lionel Messi
Lindsey Lohan
Kofi Annan
Prince William
Lance Armstrong
Michael Schumacher
Mike Tyson
LeBron James
Tiger Woods
Britney Spears
Kim Jong Ill
Neil Armstrong